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Elilee Evolution XXE

Elilee Evolution XXE

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The Future of Triathlon bikes is here! - Elilee Evolution XXE


We are excited to announce that the Elilee Evolution XXE carbon fiber frameset has arrived in the Philippines! Lion Pride is proud to be the official distributor of this game-changing multisport frameset. With the Elilee Evolution XXE, you can break barriers and set new records in your cycling journey.

EVO, meaning evolution. UNLIMITED EVOLUTION, unrestricted evolution. Triathlon bikes are not limited by UCI rules, representing that the EVO Iron III series breaks the tradition. Designers can fly their imagination, design the ideal model and make various attempts to improve the speed.

—— Libra structure and middle tube

 Several brands on the market have launched super Iron models outside the UCI range. The concept is similar, but the structure of ELILEE EVO is novel and unique.

 The Libra structure is characterized by the head tube combined with the upper tube and extending later. The Libra structure can shorten the length of the seat tube support section, optimize the force lever, and reduce the weight compared to other supercars. Because the bowl group bearings are round, the head tube of most models is cylindrical. Based on the Libra structure, ELILEE EVO extends the head tube shape forward to form a broken wind shape, which greatly reduces the air resistance compared with the cylindrical head tube.

 The lower tube in the middle keeps the lower pipe away from the turbulence brought by the front wheel, and the lower pipe is in a stable air flow, which can effectively play the effect of pneumatic cross section. At the same time, the driver's calf is hidden in the projection surface of the lower tube, so as to reduce the total windward side of the person and the car under the condition of the side wind, and reduce the influence of the side wind.

When many of the Super Iron III models were cancelled, the ELILEE EVO did the opposite, keeping the rear fork. The triangular structure has the best stability and can achieve higher strength and rigidity with the same weight. CERVELO P5X The frame is actually called 2600 grams, while the ELILEE EVO weighs only 1600 grams. Plus the middle riser, constitute a powerful five, bring far beyond the other super iron three models of trample rigidity.

 The ubiquitous aerodynamics

 The introduction of racing aerodynamic design, the original air duct design has a rectification effect on the local airflow, with the closed wheel can play the best aerodynamic effect, the five links also extend forward to form an aerodynamic section, compared with the rough five links can reduce the wind resistance. The wing shape design at the front and rear fork foot covers the disc brake clamp to reduce wind resistance is recognized in the industry.

EVO introduced the aerodynamic concept at the beginning of the design, introduced computer simulation and analysis, and optimized the real wind tunnel test. We used the flagship Iron 3 model, the CERVELO P5X, as a comparative test object to verify our aerodynamic design.

ELILEE EVO The wind tunnel test is carried out under the cooperation of several university professors and doctors. The test has been recorded and reported by universities and issued by reports to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the data

The results of the final wind tunnel test show that the ELILEE EVO has an aerodynamic advantage of about 10w at 40km in the same ENVE SES7.8 wheel group. The actual road surface only needs about 200w power to achieve 40 cruise.


From the athletes, go back to the competition

 At the beginning of the design, EVO put the needs of the athletes in a very important position, cooperated with several drivers at home and abroad, and actively listened to the drivers' suggestions. In the process of iron 3 sports, the supply of athletes is very important, so we have an integrated design of the whole supply system.

 The built-in water bag of up to 1000 ml effectively reduces the wind drag and weight of the kettle stand and kettle, and can also save the supply time during the race.1000 ml also ranks second in the current built-in water bags (SPECIALIZED SHIV TRI: 1500 ml, CANYON 700 ml, SCOTT 680 ml) The 350ml upper tube storage box can also easily load a variety of solid supplies.

 Considering that not every athlete will choose to carry tools on the field, the EVO seat tube can be equipped with two kettle racks and kits after adding expansion accessories. An inner tire and a gas cylinder can be placed inside the seat pipe connection arm (the space behind the water bag injection mouth).

For the iron 3, the handlebar design is very important, and if the driver cannot find a good setting, it will affect the ride. The maximum height of EVO is 140mm, providing 135mm elbow pad lateral adjustment range, 83mm elbow pad front and rear adjustment range, 15° elbow pad tilt angle range, and 0-10° adjustable.

ELILEE EVO frame set is available in four sizes (all 700c wheel diameter)

EVO XXE retail price is Php 256,000 (USD 4430), the frame weight is 1,600 grams.

Customized paint is acceptable. Extra charge start from Php 25,600 (USD 450).

The above prices include frame, front fork, seat tube, handlebar, bowl group and a full set of accessories, frame group enjoys lifelong non-human warranty, metal parts are non-human warranty for 3 years, bowl group, water bag, storage box and other parts are non-human warranty for 1 year.

In addition to bright orange, ELILEE EVO standard edition also offers 2 coating options: flame red and sky cyan


This a custom made frame and lead time is between 3-4months.

Payment is done via 50% down payment upon order and remaining 50% balance upon delivery.

The account details are as follows:
Bank: BPI
Account Name: John Joseph Ogacion
Account Number: 3749229712
Bank: Gcash
Account Name: John Joseph Ogacion
Account Number: 09394017485
Once the payment is made, kindly send us the deposit slip or transaction details for our records via




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